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The universities of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation have a long history of collaboration with universities in Quebec and the rest of Canada. Their principal tools for collaboration are the bilateral agreements allowing student mobility. Some of them have also set up joint masters programmes and allow co-supervision of doctoral theses.

The year 2018 marked a turning point in relations between the universities of Quebec and Wallonia-Brussels with the entry into force of an agreement regarding student mobility at the university level. This allows French-speaking Belgian students to benefit from additional tuition fee exemptions at the Canadian non-Quebec resident rate, at the undergraduate level, and at the Quebec rate, at the graduate level. Students from Quebec pay the higher registration fees which apply to students from non-EU countries for the first year. If they pass this first year of study, the fees are reduced to the European rate for the following years.

Whether it is through the organisation of meetings with students, through its presence at various fairs, or by setting up joint activities, the Delegation plays a driving role both in helping to establish contacts between universities or between students and universities and in organising missions or visits by the students, researchers or representatives of universities of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation to Quebec and Canada.

In its missions in the field of higher education, our Delegation also works in concert with the Wallonia-Brussels Campus agency, which promotes our universities and colleges on the international scene.


Are you Canadian and do you want to study in French-speaking Belgium?

Find out more about student life in Wallonia and Brussels and the programmes and support available.


Are you a Francophone from Wallonia or Brussels who wants to study in Canada?

Wallonia-Bruxelles International offers scholarships to postgraduate students interested in research stays in Canada: the WBI-MITACS Globalink research scholarships and the WBI World excellence scholarships.

The Fonds de recherche du Québec - Nature et technologie also offers a programme of scholarships for excellence for foreign students, one component of which is reserved exclusively for students from Wallonia-Brussels.

Do not hesitate to contact the Wallonia-Brussels General Delegation in Quebec or Wallonia-Brussels International with regard to any questions concerning available scholarships, as well as the international service of your university or college to learn more about existing agreements with Canadian institutions.


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